Jenell M. Jones M.Ed. Championed HB2480, Catalyzing Child Welfare Reform

Jenell M. Jones M.Ed. Championed HB2480, Catalyzing Child Welfare Reform


Phoenix, AZ – Today marks a profound victory for the protection of Arizona's most vulnerable children as Governor Hobbs officially enacts HB2480 into law, alongside Senate Bill SB1067. This monumental legislation reflects an unwavering commitment to instilling accountability and transparency within the Department of Child Safety (DCS) and group homes statewide.

At the heart of this transformative endeavor stands Jenell M. Jones, M.Ed., a distinguished author, adoptive mother, childcare provider, advocate, and entrepreneur. Jones's impassioned plea before the Arizona State Senate on behalf of HB2480 epitomizes the profound impact of individual voices in effecting meaningful change. Jones's personal journey, deeply influenced by her daughter's harrowing experience within the DCS system, underscores the urgent need for reform.

Jones's own daughter was taken into DCS custody against her family's wishes, and tragically, went missing in November 2023. Shockingly, Jones and her husband were not notified of their daughter's disappearance for 48 hours, and their child was not listed on the national registry for missing and exploited children. This traumatic experience unveiled the grim realities of human trafficking and drug-induced trauma faced by countless Jones’ daughter and countless other vulnerable children. Jones has been committed to advocating for change, and empowering voiceless children across Arizona. When asked whether or not she believed a bill would correct DCS’ problem by senate seat holder, Jones said, “I believe it’s a start. Nobody wants the oversight and it’s at the expense of our children.” (Missing Children Advocacy, 2024 – YouTube)

Jenell M. Jones is an early education entrepreneur, currently operating multiple early learning centers, which specialize in providing high-quality learning experiences to children who experience trauma in low-income areas. Her educational background includes earning a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on autism spectrum disorders from Arizona State University.

Jenell is an adoptive mother with over a decade of experience as a biological, step, and foster mother with a heart to love and serve. She began her journey as a foster mother in 2005 after taking on the responsibility of her son unexpectedly. Her experience was great and inspired her to adopt more children and continue opening her home to shower children with love. In 2015 she took in her daughter who shifted Jenell’s perspective on the adoption experience when she noticed undisclosed life-altering dysfunctions in her child. Her latest book, “Shattered” tells the story of her deepest pain as a mother and uncovered the truth about fostering, adoption, and fighting for her child’s life. In the end, justice is necessary and peace is questionable.

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