COGIC Announces Confirmation of Chairman of the Board of Bishops

COGIC Announces Confirmation of Chairman of the Board of Bishops

After the passing of Detroit’s beloved Bishop John Henry Sheard (who served as Chairman of the Board of Bishops for more than 10 years) the Church of God In Christ (COGIC) announced the ascension of Bishop Albert Galbraith of Sacramento, CA as Chairman of the Board of Bishops for the global organization.

During his 10-year seat, Bishop John Henry Sheard became known as a man who was straightforward, hardworking, and a man who would get the job done. Keeping in step with his devotion to and love for the church, Bishop Galbraith’s vision is to further the support of the church and the presiding bishop.

When asked how he feels about being the successor of Bishop John Henry Sheard, here’s what Bishop Galbraith had to say, “It’s an honor for me to serve in this great capacity. I’m deeply humbled by following such a great man, Bishop John H. Sheard, but at the same time, I’m honored to serve our church and to serve what I consider the greatest board in the Church of God in Christ.”

Bishop Galbraith’s goal is to continue the legacy that has already been set forth which he describes as professional, spiritual, and of a Godly demeanor. We want to advance this board and be an asset to the church and our Presiding Bishop, J. Drew Sheard. A man that I feel is called by God and an anointed leader. We want to support his vision as much as we can, we’ve already started that with an $80,000 statute project honoring our late founder Bishop Charles Harrison Mason.

According to Bishop Galbraith, the Board of Bishops plans to continue making an impact in the city of Memphis with its return, just as it has for the last 100 years. With plans to continue the legacy and work with city officials, there are also major housing projects that the church is fostering in the city. “As you drive around Mason Temple and other places, you will see housing projects that have been fostered by the Church of God in Christ along with some that are currently under construction and we want to impact the life of the city.” Said Galbraith.

He refers to Memphis as “Our Jerusalem” and therefore always wants to be a part of the uplifting and enhancement of the city of Memphis.

As the country moves out of the pandemic, the use of technology in the church still seems to be common. From Bishop Gailbraith’s perspective, it has positively impacted the way church is done and will continue to do so.

“I don’t think we will ever do church in the same way we have done in the past. Although the pandemic has caused us the loss of loved ones and has inconvenienced the way we do ministry, it has provided some avenues of service.” said Galbraith, “We now can preach to people that we may have never preached to otherwise. It is advantageous for us, and we will continue to make it work.”

Accompanying Bishop Galbraith on the board is Bishop Roger L. Jones (Flint, MI) who was confirmed as the first assistant and previously served as the second vice-chairman.

With Bishop Jones being confirmed as the first assistant to the board, Bishop Galbraith believes that his experience can help guide the Board of Bishops for the new era. He says, “The Board of Bishops is inundated with experienced, qualified, Godly men and Bishop Jones is certainly one of those men. Bishop Jones has been in the upper echelon of the church for many years and he’s certainly going to be an asset to my administration and the board as a whole.” As a former Chairman of the National Trustee Board of the Church of God In Christ, Bishop Jones, has a plethora of experiences in the church. Bishop Galbraith referred to him as “an all-around churchman” and stated that, “I’m glad to have a man of his caliber assisting me and assisting this board.”

Bishop Galbraith married Mother Carolyn J. Galbraith in 1963. Four children were born into this union. Bishop and Mother Galbraith attended the Mt. Olive Church of God In Christ in Los Angeles under the leadership of the Late Bishop E. B. Stewart.

Bishop Galbraith was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost during a revival and became a faithful member of the church later obeying the call of the Lord to preach the Gospel. In the secular arena Bishop’s family was the first “Black Owned” Electrical Construction company in Northern California. Bishop worked in the family business until he started his own company.

In June 1977, Bishop Galbraith was appointed pastor of the North Highlands Community Church of God in Christ, a church that he helped build with his own hands. In 1998, Bishop Galbraith was elevated to the Ecclesiastical Office of Jurisdictional Prelate of the Northern California First Jurisdiction which is the “Mother” Jurisdiction of Northern California.

Bishop Galbraith is the longest-serving Bishop in Northern California Bishop Galbraith has served the church in many capacities and now holds the distinguished position of chairman of the Board of Bishops. 

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